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Best St. Louis Cardinals Parking for Busch Stadium | Billy’s on Broadway

St. Louis’s newest sports bar, Billy's On Broadway, is opening June 2023 to provide delicious food, great drinks & the perfect atmosphere for local sports fans looking to watch the games. But for those going to Busch Stadium to root for the St. Louis Cardinals in person, Billy’s also has affordable, convenient parking close to the stadium. Here’s all the info you need to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free game day experience.

How much does parking cost at Billy's On Broadway?

Pricing to park at Billy's On Broadway will vary based on the St. Louis Cardinals game. Prices range from $20 for most standard day games to $50 for special events like Opening Day and postseason games.

Does Billy’s on Broadway accept credit cards?

Currently, our parking facility is cash only. We will be accepting credit cards soon, though we do not have a specific timeline.

How early can I park at Billy’s before a St. Louis Cardinals game?

Parking at Billy's On Broadway opens up to 3 hours before the game starts. Arrive early so you can visit us at the bar for some pre-game food & drinks, then make your way to the stadium before first pitch.

How long can I stay parked at Billy’s after a St. Louis Cardinals game?

We at Billy's On Broadway understand the importance of post-game celebrations, and we’d never expect you to leave the game early (who do you think we are, Dodgers fans?). You can leave your car parked at Billy’s for up to 3 hours after the game ends, giving you enough time to unwind at the bar with friends and discuss what you would’ve done differently in the 8th inning.

Does Billy's On Broadway have a parking attendant?

Yes, we have a parking attendant on duty starting 3 hours before each game until the end of the post-game rush. They’ll be happy to assist you with any parking-related questions or concerns.

Can I leave my car overnight at Billy's On Broadway?

We do not currently have an overnight attendant, but you won't get towed for leaving your car for one night. However, please note that we do not have fences, lights, or cameras at the moment. We plan to add these security features to our facility soon, but we do not have a specific timeline for these improvements.

Billy's On Broadway is every St. Louis Cardinals fan’s new go-to spot for the best parking for Busch Stadium, offering affordable & flexible parking options all season long. Not only will you have the convenience of parking close to the stadium, but you can also enjoy delicious food & ice cold beer before and after each game at our newly opened sports bar. With our flexible, affordable parking options, complete with on-site parking attendant, you can check parking off your list and focus more on having a fantastic time at the game. Join us at Billy's On Broadway and make your next game day experience a memorable one. Let’s go Cardinals!

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